Welcome to another exciting issue of Tech Tips! In this issue, I’m going to show you how to control your computer from a remote location using a free program called LogMeIn Free. That means you can use a computer that is millions of miles away over the internet of another computer.

The first thing you need to do is visit www.logmein.com and navigate to the LogMeIn Free registration page or just use this direct link: https://secure.logmein.com/products/free/register.asp. Then, just fill in the account info and click Create Account.

Once you are finished registering, Log in to your account on the computer you wish to remotely access. Click Add Computer and then follow the onscreen instructions to add your computer. While you are adding your computer to LogMeIn, you may be asked to enter an access code. This access code will be used to access this computer later. If it does not ask you for an access code your windows User Name and Password will be used. Log In on as many computers as you want and add them to the list.

Now you can remotely access the computer from another computer, just Log in to your account and click on the name of the computer you want to access and follow the onscreen instructions to access it. Once you get into the computer control screen just choose to remote control and you will have full control of your computer remotely.

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