3.1 Optimize the page loading time

Images can really make a website look nice when used correctly, but nothing is more annoying than waiting for images to load when they are a way larger size than they need to be. The html width and height attributes let you re-size images, but the user still has to download the original image no matter how you re-sized it with the width and height attributes. Instead re-size your images to the correct size before embedding them into your webpage.

3.2 Don't make an entire site using flash or java.

Some people think it's okay to make their entire website just using flash. Flash can be a great thing browser embedded videos or games, but when people start making entire websites using flash, it just becomes annoying. You have to wait for the flash application to download and load before you can use it. And then once you finally get into it, you have all these extravagant animations that may look nice, but can just get annoying when you are trying to find what you're looking for. Also, flash is unsupported on many mobile browsers like safari on the iPhone/iPod touch, so these users won't be able to see your website at all.

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