As we covered in the Basics of CSS part #4 there are multiple fonts that are good to use on the web. Those fonts are:

  1. Times New Roman
  2. Georgia
  3. Verdana
  4. Tahoma
  5. Trebuchet MS
  6. Arial
  7. Comic Sans MS
  8. Impact
  9. Courier New
  10. Lucida Console

How fonts should be used

There isn't really a right or wrong way to using fonts on a web page. But there are things that people will generally tolerate and generally NOT tolerate.

All Caps

People will not generally tolerate a blog post, web page, email, etc in all caps... It's usually considered shouting and is in poor taste especially on a web page! Avoid using all caps unless it is absolutely necessary!

Bold Text

The same general principles apply as the all caps. Don't create a web page with all bold sentences or entire paragraphs of bolded text. Reserve bold text for important information and keywords that the user should be aware of.

Italic Text

Italic text is the same as all caps and bold text. Don't make a web page that has half normal and half italic text or any other combination.. Keep your font style consistent. Reserve Italic Text for very important information that you want emphasized to your readers.

Font Color v. Background Color

This can be slightly tricky because not all computer monitors look the same and have the same colors. If you're comparing an HP Notebook that is a year old to one that was manufactured only a month ago, then they might be more or less the same. But if you're comparing the latest iMac to the HP that was made a year or two ago you might run into some major differences.

Bad Choices

Here are some poor choices for font color: "Blinding Lime Green" and other colors that really clash with your site in a bad way.

Anyhow, not all colors are bad on web pages! It depends on what is behind the text that makes all the difference in the world to a user. Consider this: Some good stuff!, Some more good stuff, Good stuff... I think we get the idea.. The three colors in the RGB (Red, Green, Blue) clash in any way you can possibly think. At all costs.. Try avoiding using these colors. Here are more examples!

Some text here, Some more text here, and especially... text here.
Clearly, we can see (and might give you a headache too) how certain colors can clash. You don't want a visitor have to work in order to look at your site.

Using too colors can easily make your web site look like a circus act to visitors and even though it looks nice, different colors can actually tired your visitors out just by reading the content of your site!
Note: I use font in a very general sense. Fonts can mean anything from pure text on the page or links, etc.

Font Size

There are special places for large text size. Using a slightly enlarged text for readability is perfectly acceptable and probably appreciated for some visitors of your web site! But you can over do it by using an excessively large font size very quickly.. In fact, in your word editor you probably use standard 12pt font. Well depending on the styles you have on your web page and font, 12pt font can look very large! So be weary with text size!

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