2.1: Autoplaying Sounds and Videos are distracting

Ever been to a page that starts playing music automatically when you load it?  Either you're already listening to music and you start hearing these other sounds interfering.  Or you're in a nice quiet room, didn't realize your volute were up so loud, and then all of a sudden this video and sound starts playing super loud.  This is extremely annoying.  Also users on slow connections, may not like you wasting their time loading sounds and videos that they don't want to listen to in the first place.  Of course, if the main idea of your site is to play sounds or videos, then it's okay to play them automatically.  Take youtube for example;  when somebody clicks on a video on youtube, they very well know that they are about to play a video.  It's the unexpected, and pointless sounds and videos that are the problem.

2.2: Animations and blinking text is amateur

How can anybody concentrate on reading your site when you've got a gif image and some big text flashing at them in the corner.  It's like trying to read something while somebody is yelling "Hey look over here!" every five seconds.

2.3: Scrolling text isn't affective

Scrolling text slows your visitors down.  They have to read at whatever speed you set.  If they want to read it quickly, they have to sit there and wait for the text to move over enough to see it.  Or they only catch the last half of the sentence and they have to wait until it wraps all the way around again to see the beginning.

2.4: Nobody likes pop-ups

Just think about it!  Does anybody like seeing pop-ups ads all the time?  Think about your visitors and how to make an enjoyable experience for them.  If you want to advertise, do it on the page and not in a separate pop-up window.

2:5: Background images look stupid

A large background picture that is repeated over and over makes it so you have to squint just to read the text and on top of that, make your page load slower.  This is annoying.  Stick with simple backgrounds.  Look at professional websites, none of them use large repeating picture backgrounds.

After I wrote all these tips I realized, these are exactly the reasons I hate MySpace.  If you've ever visited a MySpace page, you've probably encountered most of these problems and seen how annoying they can be for the visitor. Remember to keep your visitor's interests in mind when designing your site.

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