This is the start of a new series of web design tips.  In each article, we'll provide a new tip, that can be very useful in creating your website.

This first tip isn't even exactly design, but that's why it's the first tip, it's even more important than design.

The fundamental reason that a website exists is to provide something that is useful or provide some information that is of value to the visitor.  If you are missing that important element from your page, you need to fix that before you worry about design.  The content of the page is the number one most important thing on every web page.  You could have the nicest looking page ever, but if it doesn't provide something of value, nobody has any reason to visit it.  Ask yourself: What is this page for?  How can the page be used?  Is it a waste of time for your visitors?

This also relates to advertising.  Advertising can be a great way to make money, but don't completely drown out the page by ads.  It can be temping to try to cover your page almost entirely in ads in order to make the most money.  But if you don't have very much content of value, people will stop visiting the site and the end result will be less money from advertising.  I recommend no more than a 25% advertising to 75% content ratio.  Anything more than that, and the advertising takes away more from the page than it's worth.

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