In order to gain a little more money off of each server they own, some web hosts may oversell the available space or bandwidth.  For example, if a hosting company has one server with 250 GB of space and they have 25 customers who each have 10 GB hosting plans, the host is not oversold, because there is enough room for the full 10 GB to be used by each customer.  Now, what happens if this company gets a 26th customer.  It seems as though they need to buy a new server in order to fit this customer.

But then the host has a brilliant (but not so honest) idea!  They notice that even though each of their customers accounts guarantee 10 GBs of space, they are only on average using 2 GBs each. This means they could easily fit the new customer on this server, because the chances of all the customers filling up their 10 GBs completely is low.

How does this affect you?

Overselling often results in:

  • Slow page loading times.
  • Hosts complaining to you when you are using a lot of space (even though you are within your limits).
  • Hosts suspending or disabling your account with no refund.

It's a good idea to stay away from oversold hosting. If you see a host offering hosting packages that just look way too good to be true - it's because they are too good to be true.

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