While looking for a suitable web host, you probably stumbled upon a hosting company that claims they offer you unlimited space and bandwidth, for only a couple bucks a month.  Seems like such a great deal at first!  But think about it - If I told you I went down to the store and bought myself a new hard drive with unlimited space, would you believe me?  That's how silly this unlimited hosting is.

These companies like to write a lot more about what "unlimited" really means in their acceptable use policies (AUP).  For example, look at this part from an AUP of an unlimited host:

"You understand and agree that shared server space is for business and personal website operations purposes only and not for unrelated data storage."

I've had a bit of experience with these unlimited hosts.  Even if I'm not violating the AUP, they like to send me emails asking how each and every file on my account is related to website operations.  They actually wanted me to explain for each file and there were hundreds of them.  If you start using a lot of space, they try to catch you doing something wrong, so they can reduce the amount of space you are taking up.  They also like to complain that your website is using up too much CPU on the server and claim that you need to upgrade to one of their dedicated servers that cost $100/month or more.

Overall, it's not a good idea to go with an Unlimited host.  They hide behind the fine print and don't offer honesty to their customers.

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