Choosing a domain name can take forever. It's hard to think of something original that you actually like. I know from my experience, almost every time I thought of a domain name I liked and I thought was original, it was already taken.

Here's some tips on how to come up with a good domain name:

  • If the .com version of the name you want is already taken and already has a functioning website at it, don't just take the .net. A lot of people will just assume .com when you tell them your website and your advertising will benefit the other site.
  • Avoid domain name's with hyphens in them like It will get annoying to say "dash" in the middle of your website name when you are telling people, and a lot of people will forget.
  • Avoid really long domain names:
  • If your website is specific to a certain country, try getting a domain name with the country's extension. Like a UK website could end with the extension. Search engines use geographic location as part of the search algorithm, and a country extension will help establish what country your website is for.
  • Sometimes using an unpopular domain extension can make your website seem unique.

You can always change your domain name if you decide you don't like it, but beware you'll be starting all over with Search Engine Optimization.

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