How are you suppose to know what is "fit" for the web? Why can't we just stick a big fat image onto our account and have people use that as the website? How do I know if my website will load quick and work efficiency for people with slower internet connections?
These are all great questions and the simple answer to all of them is by optimizing your web site!

But what is optimizing a website anyhow? Believe it or not, but optimization is a multi step process that includes you taking out all unnecessary code, using smaller images, etc...

A few things you can do:

  • Use images with a high compression such as .jpg files but with half the quality.
  • Use .gif images.
  • Take out all unnecessary css properties, comments and unused selectors.
  • Take out all commented out code that you're not using.

Other additional things is to be sure you website can be used across multiple internet browsers such as Internet Explorer Versions 6, 7, and the latest version 8, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and Opera.
A site that is easily accessible on any browser will bring your website more traffic and help your website grow.

Be sure to regularly update and manage your website as well as keeping the content user friendly and appropriate for your intended audience.

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