I'm sure everyone has seen a website that has really amazed you. You stumble across the site while you're surfing the web because you're bored at work or school... You're just sitting there browsing the web and you find that amazing site and you just say, "Wow". And then the guy working next to you looks at you as if you're crazy — you know, "the look".

But ask yourself this, what really made that website stand out from all the others? Did the colors match, was everything positioned in a consistent manner, was their navigation easy to use and good-looking, or was it those fancy icons they have on their page?

If you ask me, I'd tell you that the icons on a webpage play a key role in "wowing" your visitors. It's no contest really; it's like asking people if they like looking at pictures of dead flowers or pictures of living flowers! Seriously, who wants to see a heaping pile of dead flowers?

So where do we get these lovely icons from anyhow? We do we get these for free? Nothing good is free anymore and I want to see some free stuff!! Never fear good citizens, there is hope out there for you. Probably the most amazing website ever to exist is www.iconfinder.net.

Iconfinder.net has thousands and thousands of free great-looking icons at your fingertips! It works like any search engine such as google or bing so it is extremely easy to use. In fact, it's better than both bing and google because you can specify the items per page, specify the background color you wish to see on the icons once your result returns (transparent, white, and black), you can specify the size of the icon in which you seek, AND — probably the most important option — you can specify whether or not the icons can be used for commercial or non-commercial use only. So if you want to use these on your website or where ever and you plan to sell a product/service with that icon, commercial filtering better be on!

So there you have it, Icons 101! How icons have an enormous amount of potential to really "wow" your visitors. Whether you have a blog, personal website, myspace page, or a large corporate website, icons can be used to give some life and flair to your webpage.

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